Change we can believe 

I am running to fight for bold, progressive change. The courageousness and scope of our solutions must be equal to the severity of the problems we are facing. I will fight for real, effective, and lasting results benefiting all people.

I was born with an uncorrectable visual impairment resulting in me being very near-sighted.  As a child, all I wanted to do was fit in and be treated normally, but I learned the painful lessons of what it means to be treated unequally; to be thought of as less-than or incapable because of an immutable and innate part of yourself. But what I also gained from this was an insatiable drive to fight not only for my own equal and fair treatment but for that of all those experiencing the same. I could more easily empathize with others, which in turn drove me to feel a sense of duty to stand up and fight for them as much as myself. To do this I would always have to work harder, smarter, and longer than others to destroy obstacles, overcome whatever adversity, and accomplish what I set out to do. This instilled in me a dauntless tenacity to achieve whatever I set out to do, particularly when I was told I would not be able. It also gave me an unflinching drive to fight for fairness and justice, especially for those who cannot fight for themselves.

Like many of you, I have experienced the burden of student loan debt and its seemingly unfair and often onerous terms that differentiate it from traditional debt. During my time in graduate school, I worked two jobs and still required significant student loan assistance. I know how hard it is and that is why I believe higher education must be accessible and affordable to anyone who wants it. Education opens doors we cannot allow unfair debt to close.

I am running to oppose the divisive, incendiary vitriol that is poisoning our current politics and policies. We have had our freedom decimated under the tyranny of a cruel and destructive agenda. We have witnessed how the inaction of our policymakers and their anti-scientific, anti-intellectual embrace has put our nation and our planet at detrimental risk.

I am running to stand up to anyone who viciously stokes an anti-immigrant racial animus,  that has emboldened white supremacists and domestic terrorists to target minorities. This hostility has led to attempts to ban an entire religion from entering our country; to the devastation of our long-term economic stability with impulsive and vapid trade policy. And has led to the unusually cruel and inhumane caging of immigrant children in shockingly filthy and barbaric conditions. As a father, I cannot begin to imagine the suffering and horror inflicted upon these children and their parents. We are a better nation and people than this, and I will always stand and fight for those affected by this hateful practice.

I am running because I am done merely sitting in frustration as mass shooting after mass shooting has occurred and each has been met with torpor and inaction. All the while we are the only nation in the first world to have this issue. I am running to do something about it for my family and community. 

I am running because I am tired of being heartbroken time and again by the need for our friends, our family, or ourselves, to resort to pleading on social media for help to afford lifesaving medical care. Or, be forced to simply do without and hope. And yet, almost every other developed nation has long since concluded healthcare is a human right and cannot comprehend our failure to do the same. I will fight so your family and mine will never have to go without the best medical care available, so money is never an obstacle to health for anyone.

I am running because I knew I had not only a civic duty, but a moral obligation, to act to help change directions, and fight for the betterment of our communities and for a Florida and an America that welcomes, benefits, and works for all. I have been overcoming adversity my whole life and I am ready to fight for all of us. 

As a business executive and financial professional, I have a deep passion for and understanding of transformative economic policies and how to make dollars work. There is no true freedom without economic security and justice. Economic justice is social justice, it is educational justice, it is racial justice, and it is at the center of all our problems and their solutions. It is healthcare for all, a living wage, a decent home, and a clean environment. When we fight for any of it, we fight for all of it. My background gives me passion to fight for these causes, and both an academic and practical understanding of how to get the job done.

As a father of four amazing children, I want them to have and inherit a community where we all are as healthy as possible, well educated, and safe from violence and hate. A society where our physical and technological infrastructures are the envy of the world. Where all people have real freedom, equality, justice, and economic security. That is why I am running – to fight for the brightest future for all. 

People are what matter, not power.


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