Fighting for your rights




Sensible and Effective Gun Safety Laws


Gun violence and mass shootings are a public health crisis and a clear threat to public safety. Children, families, and every member of our community deserve to feel safe from the threat of gun violence, which is why I will introduce and support legislation to address this emergency on day one.


What we can do now:


  • Ban assault-style weapons of war

  • Establish a mandatory licensure process to ensure gun owners have adequate safety training, physical health, mental health, and liability insurance to possess a gun

  • Create a comprehensive gun registry

  • Mandatory universal background checks in all gun-related sales

  • Minimum 30-day waiting period after the purchase of a gun

  • Significantly increases taxes on available ammunition and guns

  • Improve and expand Red Flag laws 

The data show enacting these laws will significantly help to end this epidemic. I am firmly committed to enacting as many gun-safety measures as possible to end the terror of gun violence in our schools and community. I will never take one dollar from the NRA or any group like it, and while I do not have a grade from the NRA yet, I promise it will be an F, and I will wear that proudly. 

The Right to Healthcare for Everyone


This year, as we have all witnessed a pandemic ravage our world, it is more obvious than ever why healthcare is a fundamental human right. Keeping everyone as healthy as possible keeps our entire community safer. Being healthy should not depend on being wealthy. Healthcare is a right, and I will fight to get truly affordable, comprehensive healthcare for every single Floridian. 


I support immediately expanding Medicaid access and the expansion of state-sponsored programs. Ultimately, I believe we must move away from depending on employers to provide primary access to healthcare. People deserve to make their own choices about healthcare, not their employer. This is why I support working toward state-wide universal healthcare. It is simply the right thing to do.  


An Economy That Works for Everyone


As we work to rebuild our economy, there are several policies we can enact that will not only stimulate a recovery but will protect our economy and people from ever being affected as quickly and as drastically as we saw this year. Rebuilding and protecting our economy encompasses more than just how the state taxes and how businesses operate, but also the protection of our environment and the treatment of employees.  


How we can do it:


  • A livable minimum wage that provides full-time workers the ability to afford a decent home, food, transpiration, clothes, leisure, and other essentials. 

  • Guarantee affordable childcare

  • Guarantee paid leave

  • Complete overhaul of the state unemployment system and benefits to ensure Floridians are properly served and supported

  • Ensure developers are providing adequate resources to expand and maintain the infrastructure they impact 

  • Make large companies pay their fair share

  • Protect our economy and environment by incentivizing emerging companies in technology, renewable energy, and those addressing climate change to headquarter in Florida, so we have the latest environment-saving solutions first

  • Diversify state revenues to avoid concentration risks

  • Adequate protections for disrupted small businesses


Supporting, Funding, and Accessing Education

I want Florida to have the nation’s best public education system. We can get there by addressing 3 major areas; teachers, resources, and access.


  • Teachers’ pay should be drastically increased.  These are the people we entrust to give our children the fundamental knowledge and inspiration to achieve their highest and best potential. Why would we want anything less? Highly competitive pay also means we retain the best, career educators to serve our community.

  • All schools should have the best resources available, and plenty of them. Teachers should not be forced to come out of pocket to buy basic supplies for their classrooms. Children deserve to be given every resource to learn and succeed and I will fight to see that they have them. Reallocating funds from standardized testing to more meaningful supplies and resources for our teachers is one means to accomplish this.

  • We must remove any barriers that prevent any person from accessing their right to an education. This means making all resources and programs available regardless of disability or physical limitations. It also means removing any financial barriers that would prevent access. 


 Education is the most freeing and valuable tool we will ever have, and everyone deserves the best we can offer.

Fighting for your rights


I am committed to fighting for the basic rights and the fair, equal, and just treatment of every person. That’s why I support legislation that creates an even playing field for everyone and allows every voice to be equally heard.


What we must do:


  • Establish sexual orientation and gender identity as protected classes 

  • Automatic voter registration

  • Universal vote-by-mail

  • Equal pay for equal work

  • Protect a woman’s right to choose

  • Affordable housing for all

  • Ban private prisons and cash bail

  • Abolish the death penalty

I will support any action which more firmly establishes the civil and human rights of any person. People are what matters, not power. 


Our environment IS our economy

Therefore, we have to do everything we can to ensure we protect it. Climate change is a public health emergency and an economic crisis. That is why we must do everything we can to bring sustainable economic justice to Florida. We cannot separate the ecological, economic, social, and racial impacts climate change is having, nor can we ignore our obligation to address the issue in its entirety. Our solutions must be equal to the size and scope of the problems we face. So that is why I support the following actions:

• Increase incentives to convert to solar and other forms of renewable energy
• Create environmentally just economic incentives that also protect vulnerable populations which incentivize the adaptation of our state to a renewable energy grid and mitigates the effects of climate change – similar in effect to the Green New Deal
• Ban all drilling and fossil fuel extraction activities on and offshore. 
• Increase, fully fund, and protect the Florida Forever Fund
• Significantly increase resources for the adequate treatment of water
• Pass a Carbon Tax to limit emission and serve as a short-term revenue source
• Hold developers and polluters accountable for the long-term damage and impact to our ecosystem
• Support all science-based efforts to reasonably protect our people and our state while addressing the climate crisis 

It is past time to act and we must do so now with urgency. 



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